Cooking club – 23rd september Lasagne

On the 23rd of September cooking club made a mouth watering lasagne, but first we had to go to Aldi with Mr Hill. We were all staring at the scrumptious ingredients, YUM, YUM! First we cut up all the ingredients, carrots, celery and onions, “Ow, my eyes are watering!”. Then we chucked it all into a boiling pan, watch, it might spit at you, very rude you pot head! Soak the lasagne sheets in boiling water to soften them.  Then added the mince and tomato puree (don’t use tinned tomatoes it will be to runny!). WARNING! Wash your hands after handling raw meat! Do you want Salmonella infection? After that, we coated the lasagne dish with lasagne sheets, spread pesto all over the bed sheets( I wouldn’t sleep in this bed if I were you, or you’ll be in my stomach!), add your filling and cover the rest in your lasagne bed sheets! Then throw it in the oven!Image




cooking club making lasange

On the 23rd September cooking club made a scrumptious lasagne, but first we had to go to Aldi with Mr Hill and then came the cooking. In the end we had a mouth-watering lasagne. we are the best cookers ever including Mr Hill.